By now we all know that we need to be mindful of how we use our natural resources, from gas and electricity to water. For a business, keeping a check on these kinds of things can also have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Where water use is concerned, what can you do to encourage the people who work for you to use less of it? Or how can you limit the amount of water that certain appliances use?

Shout Out UK recently offered some tips on some of the steps you can take. Top of the list is to carry out an audit to find out exactly how much water you’re using on your premises. Paying for a professional audit can help you identify any previously unknown leaks, as well as highlighting any appliances that aren’t performing at their optimum level.

If you operate in a hard water area, you may benefit from installing water softeners in Beaconsfield. These can help prevent limescale from building up in your appliances, damaging the parts and making them less efficient.

Another thing that may be worth installing is an aerator for your taps. This significantly reduces the amount of water flow and can therefore save you quite a lot of water.

Getting your staff on board with any initiatives you introduce is essential too. A top tip is to start by encouraging people to make small changes to their habits to begin reducing their water usage.

Given all the cold weather the UK has been experiencing – and the further cold snaps predicted for the end of March, it may also be worth making sure that you know how to thaw any water pipes that may freeze. If you have the opportunity to insulate these pipes before the next cold spell arrives, that could be a good move too.