In the majority of the UK, the water that comes out of our taps is what’s known as hard water. It’s perfectly safe to drink and use, but because it absorbs minerals from the soil it can sometimes taste less appealing.

Coach Mag recently suggested that this could be why more people in London buy bottled water than anywhere else in the UK – because their tap water doesn’t taste as nice as in soft water areas, such as Wales, Cornwall and Scotland.

In addition, the publication pointed out that the flavour of your tap water can also be affected by the chemicals used at water treatment plants to purify the water and make it safe, as well as certain materials used in plumbing.

And with bottled water not only costing considerably more than tap water, but also adding to the problem of plastic pollution, it makes sense to try and avoid going in this direction instead.

The solution? According to Coach Mag, it’s to install a water filter to soften the water that comes out of your tap.

If you choose a water filter containing ion exchange resin, you can also limit the build-up of limescale in appliances like your kettle, making your brews taste better and reducing the damage caused to the appliance itself.

Better tasting water isn’t the only benefit of water filters. The Daily Mail recently pointed out that having softened water in your shower can be beneficial for our skin, particularly for those who suffer from eczema.

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