The benefits of a block salt water softener:

1 – Less spillage / wastage with block salt compared to tablet salt.

2 – Ease of handling – a pack of tablet salt weights 25kg whereas our block salt weighs just 8kg!

3 – A block salt water softener is smaller, more compact which means you can fit a block salt water softener into the smallest of cupboards.

4 – Block salt is designed to be very dense, this means that the length of time between refilling your water softener and therefore more efficient.

5 – Ease of storage!

Block salt is available to purchase via our website from £4.25 per pack.

NB Delivery within 15 mile radius of HP12 – please call to check availability / collection  there is also a minimum quantity order outside the 15 mile radius.

For more information for for your FREE no obligation quotation please contact Silkflow on 01494 436205.

Tablet and granular salt from £8.50 per pack.

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