People who are used to showering in soft water really feel the difference when they move to a hard water area. It can leave hair brittle and dry, your body irritated, and any skin conditions inflamed. 

This is why soft water shower heads are becoming increasingly popular, as they filter out the chemicals and minerals that are found in hard water, including calcium and magnesium. 

Here are some benefits of using this type of shower head and other soft water filters when washing. 

Remove impurities

As a filter, it gets rid of lots of impurities, including chlorine, heavy metals, and minerals. Therefore, you will just be left with pure water, which means you will be properly clean when you step out of a shower, instead of feeling as though you still have residue on your skin and hair. 

Does not irritate the body

Hard water can be really irritating for people with skin conditions, as it can aggregate eczema, psoriasis and topical rashes. 

Chlorine in the water can make skin dry and itchy as its disinfecting properties can kill healthy bacteria too, while lead, magnesium iron and copper can be harsh on sensitive skin. 

Rejuvenate hair

Hair that is washed in hard water can become lifeless, weak, and thin. The minerals produce a film on the hair, which means it is harder for water and products to soak into the hair. 

Therefore, hair cannot be washed properly, and moisture is stripped from tresses. This could even cause hair to break and potentially fall out. 

By filtering out these chemicals and minerals, shampoo and conditioner can be more thoroughly lathered into the hair and rinsed out. Therefore, hair is able to strengthen and become thicker and fuller.