Businesses in the UK waste a shocking 643,000m3 of water every year, which is the equivalent to the amount needed to fill 257 Olympic swimming pools, International Business Times revealed.

The news provider reported on the study by Anglian Water and NWG Business through their joint venture Wave. It found that businesses often fail to identify leaks within their own property boundaries, wasting water unnecessarily and incurring additional charges for water usage.

Chief executive officer of Wave Lucy Darch explained that these leaks are often invisible above ground, but that they cost businesses an average of £70 a day.

“At a time when many companies are working hard to reduce their overheads and maximise profitability, these are unnecessary costs that should be addressed,” she stated.

As well as keeping a close eye on their water usage to allow them to identify leaks quickly and get them fixed, businesses may want to look at other ways of using their water more efficiently.

Installing water softeners in High Wycombe can be a good way to reduce the buildup of scale in appliances, making them more efficient to run and helping them work at their best for longer.

Earlier this month, Anglian Water asked its customers for their opinion on having two separate water supplies – one for drinking, and another for watering the garden and flushing the toilet – the latter of which would be known as a green water supply.

This green water would be treated to a lower standard, making it cheaper, as well as meaning that less water is taken out of the natural environment.