In Stansted, Essex a public health investigation was recently carried out to uncover whether the area’s hard water could be responsible for an anecdotal increase in the number of local people suffering from flare-ups of painful, dry and itchy skin.

The Bishop’s Stortford Independent reported that the issues had been reported after Affinity Water announced it would not replace a worn out water softener that was installed at its Uttlesford treatment plant.

In a statement Affinity Water has reassured residents that the water it supplies is of the highest quality, as well as apologising for the very hard nature of the water.

While the public health investigation concluded that the water supply wasn’t a public health issue, the water company has since said it will explore methods that could be used to partially soften the water that is supplied to the area.

An article for Hello Giggles recently explained why what comes out of your taps is so important for your skin care. Dermatologist Sandy Skotnicki explained that our skin should have a slightly acidic pH level when it’s healthy, whereas the majority of tap water is alkaline. Hard water is typically more alkaline, which isn’t always good news for your skin.

The publication noted that water with an alkaline pH can damage your skin barrier, which in turn can act as a trigger for systemic skin issues such as eczema.

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