HARD WATER IN YOUR BATHROOM – Hard water forms soap scum, meaning your sinks, baths, shower heads, taps and shower screens lose their shine, feel rough and streaky – A water softener can help reduce limescale build up, leaving you with a shiny new bathroom and less cleaning!

HARD WATER IN YOUR KITCHEN – Dishwashers, coffee makers, kettles, taps pots, pans, sinks, drainers and work surfaces will all suffer from limescale, leaving your appliances operating inefficiently and slowly, whilst taps will start to leak – soft water can help with all this!

HARD WATER IN YOUR BOILER – Scale build up caused through hard water will build up in your pipework and hot water system, impeding heat transfer and the efficiency of your boiler.

THE ENVIRONMENT – Do your bit for the environment with our Sirius block salt water softener as you will use less than half the soap and detergent when washing / cleaning.

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