Britons should get used to drinking reprocessed sewage water as this might be the way of the future, according to the Environment Agency (EA). 

Head of the organisation Sir James Bevan wrote in the Sunday Times that people need to “change the way they think about water” and be “less squeamish” about drinking water that has been recycled from toilets. 

His comments follow reports that water companies have been releasing sewage into rivers and the sea, contaminating water sources.

However, he said water that has been previously mixed with sewage is still “perfectly safe and healthy, but not something many people fancy”. 

Despite his remarks, the EA recently spoke out in a Channel 4 News investigation about the surge in water companies dumping sewage in public waterways. 

“We are holding the industry to account on an unprecedented scale,” a spokesperson for the group stated.

Over 870 water pipes, 200 of which are in use by water providers, are releasing sewage without permits. 

This comes after chief medical officer for England Chris Whitty, along with EA chair Emma Howard Boyd and Ofwat chair Jonson Cox, published a statement regarding the health risk of sewages in UK rivers. 

“This is a serious public health issue for government and regulators and it is clear that the water companies are not doing enough,” they commented.

Better operational management and more investment into storm overflows would help tackle this worsening problem, they stated.


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