In the UK it’s easy to take access to clean, fresh water for granted. But with the climate emergency, a growing population and economic growth in the country, there are real concerns that our water supply could run low, or even run out in certain parts of the country, if we don’t look after it. That’s why the government has launched its Love Water campaign. It’s working with more than 40 environmental groups, water companies, charities and regulators to encourage people to think about their water use and how we can protect supplies in the future. This is the first time that so many groups have joined together to help raise awareness of the importance of water, and how everyone can play their part in conserving it. It’s highlighting a range of small steps that people can take to reduce their impact on the environment and use less water. They include turning off the tap when brushing their teeth and not flushing wet wipes down the toilet. Chief executive of Water UK Michael Roberts commented: “The Love Water campaign is a great way to get the public to think about the link between the water we all use and the rivers and lakes that provide it and sustain our environment.” In June, charity City to Sea ran its National Refill Day campaign to encourage more Brits to drink water from the taps rather than buying bottled water and contributing to plastic pollution. If you want to install water softeners in Berkshire to help reduce the level of limescale that builds up, get in touch with us today.