If you live in a hard water area it could be costing your household an extra £180 a year on your heating bills, according to new research. 13 million households suffer from hard water, and it can cause 1.5mm of limescale to accumulate within internal plumbing over the course of a year, which can increase average gas costs by 28 per cent.

According to the Daily Express, recent findings have demonstrated how limescale can cause a significant strain on household finances, especially as people are spending more time in their homes due to the lockdown during the colder and darker winter months.

Limescale deposits within heating systems can cause blockages in pipework and boilers, reducing heating efficiency by 12 per cent over a year.

Water softeners in Berkshire draw out the magnesium and calcium ions which make water hard and limit the accumulation of scale and scum, thus preserving the efficiency of heating systems.

With UK households spending on average £12.30 a week on fuel, it means that households in hard water areas could save a combined total of £2.3 billion a year by with water softener services in Beaconsfield.

As well as damaging household heating systems, limescale is a menace when it comes to cleaning, as it causes difficult stains around baths and basins, sinks, toilet bowls and showerheads.

Softened water combines more effectively with soap and washing detergents to create a proper lather, will reduce cleaning times and leave surfaces looking shinier for longer.

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