By converting all UK hard water homes to soft water, the country could save up to 8.24 million tonnes of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere every year, according to new research. To give it some context, it is the equivalent of taking 1.8 million cars off the road or planting 136 million trees.

According to HVP Magazine, the study into the impact of hard water on the environment has revealed that emissions from homes with gas boilers and electric heaters could amount to 4.19 tonnes of CO2 every year, simply by heating the home.

The energy usage with softened water is 23.8 per cent lower for gas heaters and 17.8 per cent lower for electric heaters, which means the UK could potentially reduce its carbon footprint by 8.24 million tonnes by covering each household to softened water.

The limescale build-up caused by hard water is a primary cause of the extra energy usage. There are around 13 million homes in the country that are in hard water regions, and the average family of four living in these areas can accumulate an astounding 70Kg of limescale every year.

Limescale deposits within a heating system can cause blockages in pipework and boilers, reducing heating efficiency and increasing gas bills.

The research comes off the back of a survey that discovered that 93 per cent of respondents believe that a company’s environmental record is a vital consideration when making purchases from them, and 82 per cent of consumers are more conscious of their carbon footprint than they were five years ago – with 51 per cent answering ‘a great deal’ more conscious.

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