If you are looking for ways in which to minimise your environmental impact you are probably thinking about reducing your plastic consumption, recycling more and possibly reducing the amount of meat you eat.

But one study in the Netherlands has explored what you can do to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions you’re responsible for and this includes drinking more tap water.

BMC Public Health shared the research exploring those with the highest average dietary greenhouse gas emissions, which noted that if the people in this group replaced all the soft and alcoholic drinks they consume with tap water then they can reduce their dietary greenhouse gas emissions.

However, the most effective way to lower dietary greenhouse gas emissions is to cut the consumption of red and processed meat by 50 per cent and 75 per cent respectively, the study noted.

If one of the reasons you don’t drink tap water is because you don’t like the taste, then installing water filters in Beaconsfield could help alter the flavour and make it more appealing. You could also try putting slices of lemon in your water, or even sprigs of mint, to flavour it naturally.

Water filters do more than simply change the flavour of your tap water though. Because they work by removing the minerals naturally present in the water supply, they can help prevent the build-up of scale in your appliances.

Given that this limescale can damage everything from your dishwasher to your boiler, it could be worth looking into the advantages of fitting water filters at your property.