If you live in a particularly hard water area then you might be interested in the best water softeners High Wycombe has to offer. We all know water is vital to our wellbeing, but what is the correct amount to drink and what actually happens when it enters our bodies?

Our bodies are actually made up of two thirds water which is why it’s so important you’re drinking the correct amount for you. We can go for much longer period of time without food but without water, we’d  only last a few days.

Making sure you get enough water day to day is important to maintain normal bodily functions and especially important to remember when out in the sunshine, where you can quickly dehydrate.

To keep up with your water intake, you should on average should aim to consume around 2.5 litres per day, according to experts. Our complete water intake will usually be 60 per cent from a variety of beverages and 30 per cent from foods which hold a high water content.

The final 10 per cent will come from your metabolism out of a handful of nutrients. Really how much you should be drinking depends on various things: your age, weight, activity level and the climate you live in all play a part.

Once water enters your bodies it is lost in many ways, but you lose the most water through the day from perspiration and evaporation from breathing through our lungs. Liquids that don’t count towards your daily intake are beverages such as tea and coffee and alcohol as these cause you to lose water quickly from your body.