Hard water can have many disadvantages, not only is it not very good for your skin and hair, it can also leave lasting damage in your home in the form of stains and marks which can be difficult to remove.

While there are several ways to remove these stains, they will return over time if you do not treat your water. The most permanent and effective way to manage hard water stains is to invest in a water softener such as block salt softeners.

This helps to remove the excess minerals in the water, ‘softening’ it and making it much better to wash with, drink and also helps to prevent staining in your sinks, bathtubs, floors and walls.

The stains left by hard water are usually a rusty orange colour and can often leave your home looking unclean when in reality they are simply a  build-up of leftover mineral deposits from the excess minerals in the water.

One of the most effective ways to clean these stains is, surprisingly, using a toilet cleaner. These are usually incredibly strong cleaning products which contain bleach and other strong chemicals which helps to instantly lift the stains away and leave your home looking fresh and clean once more.

However, this can be a harsh way to clean, especially if you are removing hard water stains frequently, therefore you may wish to consider a more gentle cleaner for frequent use.

One great homemade cleaning solution is lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda. Mixing this together to create a paste is a common cleaning hack that is useful for many different tasks. Applying this paste and leaving it to sit for a while before scrubbing away can help to lift the stains.

With regular cleaning, the use of water softeners and home remedies, you may be able to remove hard water stains completely and never have to deal with them ever again.