If you’re yet to buy yourself water filters in a hard water area such as Beaconsfield, one of your biggest annoyances will be down to your kettle. In hard water areas, limescale build up can be noticeable in even a short period of time.

Hard water is rich in minerals – including calcium and magnesium. Which can be left as residue on components inside your kettle when water sits inside the kettle and evaporates. This can shorten the life of your appliance by causing erosion, and nobody likes bits of lime sale floating in their brew.

Of course, prevention is the best cure, and installing a non electric water filter is a great way to stop limescale forming in your kettle so quickly. It’ll also have lasting effects on those white stains you get when washing the dishes, and prolong the life of other appliances which use water, including coffee machines and washing machines.

You could also try to ensure that no water sits in your kettle, by cleaning it out and drying it after every use – but that might be a bit of a tall ask.

When it comes to trying to rid your kettle of limescale, here are Expert Reviews’ top tips:

You can, of course, buy a descaler from the shops, and usually they’ll be specified to plastic or metal kettle. These can be a bit more pricey than DIY methods though.

Vinegar is a good substitute, especially in a solution of one part white vinegar to one part water. Leave in the kettle overnight and the limescale will fall off. Then just give a good clean inside and boil once before using again.