If you work in the hospitality sector, you’ll know how important it is that your glass washer is functioning effectively. There’s nothing worse than taking a tray of glasses out only to realise that they have water marks on them, caused by limescale.

Hospitality and Catering News recently offered some advice to anyone who’s looking for a way to ensure their glassware is always gleaming.

One thing that the news provider recommends finding out is whether you’re in a hard or soft water area. If you’re in the former, you’ll have more minerals in your tap water, which is what leaves the residue on glasses and what can clog up dishwashing machines and other appliances.

Among your options if your business is in a hard water area is fitting water softeners in Berkshire. This will reduce the build up of limescale in your machine and ensure that it’s always working as efficiently as possible.

This advice is also valid for homeowners who have dishwashers. By installing water softeners you can protect your appliances and prolong their lives.

The Evening Standard recently pointed out that having soft water in your home can be good for more than just your dishwasher. According to the newspaper, having hard water can make your skin and hair feel dry and lacklustre.

For your skin, one of the recommendations is to avoid shower gels and instead use creams instead of soap, as well as making sure you moisturise regularly.

But switching to soft water by installing a water softener could mean you see a difference in the condition of your skin and hair for the better, which is only further improved by taking the steps suggested above.