Depending on where you live, the water that comes from your tap may be hard or soft. Both are different, and hard water can cause some issues for your home.

Because hard water has travelled through layers of minerals, it can sometimes cause problems for your taps. This is a consequence of being rich in minerals, calcium and magnesium, which is very good for your bones but not too great for your taps.

Limescale or calcium carbonate is a chalky substance that is left behind after water evaporates, which can not only cause your taps to look dirty and old but can also build up quickly, block your taps.

If you want to avoid the issue, a block salt softener can be used to reduce the hardness of the water in your home, but here are some tips for getting rid of the limescale that has already built up.


Removing Limescale From Pipes

Cleaning products exist that breakdown limescale, but a homemade solution uses vinegar and baking soda to provide a powerful cleaning effect.

Pour in around 125g of baking soda into each drain, before slowly pouring in eight litres of white vinegar. Leave for 3-4 hours and ensure the pipe is not used during this time. Pour boiling water down the drain quickly afterwards to flush out the leftover calcium, as well as grease and soap.


Removing Limescale From Taps

For the spout, cut a lemon in half and attach it to the tap spout. If it does not stick in place, use a rubber band to keep it on the tap.

For the upper parts of the tap, soak a cloth in white vinegar, wrap around the taps, secure with a rubber band and leave on overnight.