Nobody likes to have a shower with a weak water flow. Not only is it impossible to wash shampoo or conditioner out when the power is not forceful enough, but it simply does not wake you up and invigorate you in the same way that a strong shower would. 

If you’re fed up of having measly showers every morning, this could be the year it all changes you for. One of the reasons for the weak flow could be limescale on the outside of the shower head, as well as inside the pipes and water tanks. This restricts the flow of the water, reducing its volume and intensity by the time it comes out. 

While removing limescale will solve this problem temporarily, those living in a hard water area will continue to experience it. However, investing in a water softener unit could change all this, as the water produced will not have the properties that cause limescale. 

While it will not remove the limescale itself, softer water will not have the calcium, magnesium and other minerals that builds up over time to form limescale

Over time, having this soft water run through the pipes will help to dissolve any build-up that remains. 

Consequently, householders will be able to enjoy showers that are stronger and more pleasurable. Instead of waiting in the cold for the intensity to improve, there will be a stronger flow from the onset, enabling users to wash out shower gel and hair products with ease and in comfort. 

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