With the pandemic leading to a serious surge in popularity for gardening, thanks to us all spending so much time at home during lockdown, there are many of you out there trying out your green fingers for perhaps the very first time.

Growing plants and starting a garden can be quite tricky and it may be harder than you at first thought for plants to flourish, as so many different variables can affect the health of your flowers, shrubs and so on.

What you might not have thought, however, is that the water you’re using could actually be potentially causing a bit of harm and preventing your garden from truly thriving. It’s often said in some quarters that softened water can cause damage because there may be traces of sodium in the water, exchanged by water softeners in place of calcium and magnesium ions.

According to the RHS, short-term use of softened water is unlikely to damage your container plants or gardens, but you should take care not to use it over a prolonged period because sodium could build up in the soil and damage its structure.

The answer is a simple one, however – simply use the outside tap to water your plants and you don’t need to worry! You can keep your garden in excellent health while still enjoying the benefits of soft water, which include softer skin, smoother, cleaner hair, reduced soap curd and shinier fittings and fixtures at home.

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