London Mayor Sadiq Khan may well be hoping that more homeowners will consider getting their drinking water from the tap rather than bottled water in order to reduce the amount of plastic waste in the capital.

Londoners are the highest consumers of bottled water in the UK but also the worst for recycling, with a plastic waste around the capital set to worsen as sales of bottled water continue to rise, according to The Standard.

Sadiq Khan has been informed of the problem and been advised to act fast in coming up with a plan to address the problem and find a way to dramatically reduce waste. One scheme being considered is that when purchasing a bottle of water you pay a little extra to act as a deposit and once the bottle is returned to the recycling site you’ll get back your refund.

This system has already had great success in Germany with where 99 per cent of plastic is now recycled.

In London, it is the Thames particularly that suffers as a result of plastic waste with a large amount of bottles ending up in the water. More than 4,000 bottles are pulled out in just one month, putting intense pressure on cleanup resources.

There are plans to increase the number of drinking water fountains available to the public along the Thames River and at various tourist hot spots around the capital. One other idea being thrown into the mix is if it could work that local businesses provide a free water refill system to make customers hold onto their water bottles.

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