If you’ve ever washed your hands and noticed a film on your skin afterwards, this is the result of living in a hard water area. The same water will affect your skin in the shower, and unfortunately, cause damage to your hair.

If you live in a hard water area, then the buildup of minerals, such as calcium or magnesium, in the water produces a film on your hair which makes it difficult for moisture to penetrate. This leaves your hair dry and prone to breakage, and in the long run, even lead to hair loss.

If you’re looking to bring damaged hair back to life, these techniques should do the trick.


Install a water softener shower head

Soft water contains some minerals, but nowhere near the concentration as in hard water. This means it’s cleaner and healthier. The best method is to invest in a water softener for your home in High Wycombe, but you can also purchase a water softener shower head.

These have carbon filters that remove the minerals before the water touches your hair.


Use a clarifying shampoo

A clarifying shampoo can help to revive hair damaged by hard water. Use about once a week, and look for one that focusses on the issue, not simply for removing styling products from your hair.


Apply a hair mask

Restore moisture and shine into your locks with a nourishing hair mask at least two times per week. Ensure you massage it well into your scalp and work it through to the tips of your hair.


Try a citrus and vinegar rinse

To combat damage from hard water, you must start at the scalp. A mixture of water, vinegar, and a citrus juice of some sort is a good natural solution. Apple cider vinegar is also an option since it lowers the hair’s pH and contains hair-healthy vitamins, such as vitamins B and C.

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