More than half of Brits live in hard water areas, which means most of us are familiar with the difficulty of getting rid of hard water stains in kitchens and bathrooms. That is why these tips on how to remove these stubborn marks will be greatly received.


  • Right products

The key to getting rid of white spots on your work surfaces and appliances is to use the right products. A solution that contains bicarbonate of soda is essential as this helps break down the stain.

Therefore, a product such as The Pink Stuff is worth a try. According to Yahoo! Life, the combination of baking soda, quartz, sodium silicate and soap “can tackle a variety of issues”.

What’s more, it has several celebrity fans, including the social media cleaning icon Mrs Hinch, who swears by The Pink Stuff to clean her hob, oven and silverware.


  • Homemade solution

If you don’t want to spend extra money on special products, you can easily make your own effective cleaning solution. Simplyfill a spray bottle with one part distilled white vinegar and one part water and swirl the liquid so it mixes together.

Then spray the solution on to the spots and leave to dry for a few minutes before rubbing away with a clean microfiber cloth. While new stains should lift easily, older ones may need a little extra scrubbing. Make sure the area is completely dried, otherwise it will leave more spots for you to sort out.


  • Water softener

To avoid having the problem of hard water in the first place, consider using a block salt softener. This will reduce the likelihood of deposits being left behind in kitchens and bathrooms, saving you from having to spend extra time cleaning them.