While you might be used to saving energy where you can, you may not always pay the same attention to your water consumption.

But a recent blog for the Energy Saving Trust pointed out that we should all be doing more to save water in our homes. The organisation stressed that water companies don’t capture as much rainwater as people think, and that 12 out of the 23 areas in England are rated as “being under serious stress”.

There are a number of simple steps you can take to reduce your water use around your home. Chief among them is to have short showers rather than baths whenever possible, and to turn the tap off while you’re cleaning your teeth.

Fitting water efficient toilets and flow regulators or aerators to your taps are other things you may want to consider, especially if you’re planning to revamp your kitchen or bathroom anytime soon.

The organisation also suggested looking at water use statistics on any appliances you’re purchasing. Things like washing machines and dishwashers will usually tell you how much water they use, in a similar way to their energy efficiency rating.

If you’re making changes to these parts of your home, you may also want to fit water softeners in Beaconsfield, because they can help prolong the life of your appliances by reducing limescale build up.

Water softeners don’t have to be big and bulky either; they can fit under a standard kitchen sink, in an airing cupboard, or in a loft or cellar. Where you choose to fit your water softener will be up to you, and of course dependent on the kind of property you’re living in.