Are you one of the nearly 50 per cent of UK homes planning to do some DIY before Christmas? If so, what kind of home improvement is on the cards for your property? According to research from AA Financial Services, decorating is the most popular thing to do ahead of Christmas.

In fact, 41 per cent of those who said they would be doing some DIY in the coming weeks stated that this was the project they’d be getting stuck into, DIY Week reported.

However, nine per cent said that they were intending to have some plumbing work carried out at their properties. If you’re planning to get work like this done, it’s the perfect opportunity to install water softeners in Chalfont St Peter.

These are certainly a worthwhile investment if you live in a hard water area, as the limescale buildup can cause damage to your appliances, make it more difficult to keep your bathroom and kitchen looking clean, and even affect those with sensitive skin.

Those who are intending to complete a plumbing project before the end of December plan to spend an average of £1,468 on the work. If you’ve got enough in your budget to add a water filter too, it could be worth installing it now while your plumbing is being improved.

Although we’d recommend soft water in many instances, we do still recommend having a hard water tap in your kitchen because this allows you to have the choice of hard or soft water for drinking or watering your garden.

Many people prefer the taste of hard water, and indeed the minerals in hard water can be good for us.