With the new year arriving, it’s probably little surprise that a host of new supposed health and wellness trends have been gaining traction. While there are undoubtedly some that will benefit people, one that experts are advising you to avoid is raw water.

The trend originated in the US, where firms are offering people water straight from source – without carrying out any processing whatsoever.

While you might wonder what’s wrong with that, there are a host of reasons why our water needs to be processed and filtered.

First and foremost, water processing removes a high number of contaminants, including nasty bugs like E.coli, as well as parasites and a number of viruses. When you think about it logically, there’s a reason why countries stopped using ‘raw’ water many years ago.

The Metro cited data from Time.com, which revealed that water processing removes 91 different contaminants from our tap water.

Meanwhile, Water UK points out that the companies responsible for processing our tap water in the UK test it at multiple points throughout the cycle to ensure it is of the highest possible quality when it reaches our homes.

Of course, tap water isn’t perfect, but it’s a safe way to stay hydrated. If you live in a hard water area, you may want to consider installing your own water filters to make the water that comes out of your taps softer.

This can have a number of benefits, both in terms of making the water taste nicer and prolonging the life of appliances by reducing the buildup of scale.

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