If you suffer from skin diseases and have tried every ointment out there to treat it, have you considered treating your home’s water supply instead? Sufferers of eczema or psoriasis might be surprised to hear that the area you live in the UK could be having a negative effect on your condition, making your skin irritation worse or better!

According to The Express, problem skin conditions effects over half of people across the UK. If you live in a hard water area, using water on your skin could be causing flare ups in your condition. This will particularly affect those who live in the east of England, as 60 per cent of home receiving hard water in areas such East Midlands and the South East.

Over 1.7 million people suffer with eczema in Britain. The condition causes patches of sore, red, flaky and itchy skin in patches all across the body. Although hard water can worsen the condition, it’s important to remember it can’t cause it.

The problem with harder water is that it contains a high calcium and magnesium content which can aggravate problem areas. Psoriasis is very similar to eczema –  the only difference being silvery looking scale like patches. It has not been proven that hard water can worsen psoriasis directly, but the high mineral content in the water can dry out the skin more, which is likely to make dry skin even dryer and exacerbate the problem.

But fear not you won’t need to be moving home (or county!) to a soft water area. There are filtration systems that you can fit to your water supply which will remove excess minerals and calcium, providing you with water that is friendlier to your skin.

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