Dishwashers can be a real blessing, especially when you’ve had a number of guests round for dinner and don’t have to worry about washing all the crockery, cutlery and pans by hand.

However, like any appliance, there can also be issues. Luckily, there are usually quick fixes for any problem you do have.

Cnet recently offered some advice to help solve common dishwasher issues, one of which involved fitting a water softener if you live in a hard water area.

The publication noted that white spots appearing on glassware is a sign that you have hard water. These white spots aren’t anything to be worried about, they’re just mineral deposits, but they can look unsightly.

Using a water softener can help remove some of these minerals from your water and that should eliminate the issue.

Another problem cited by the website is that the power seems to have gone from the water sprayers. This issue is normally down to small bits of food and debris clogging the spouts, so a thorough clean should do the trick.

Cnet also recommends doing this every six months to ensure it keeps working as efficiently as possible. Using a toothpick is a good way to clean out the little spouts.

Installing water softeners in Berkshire has other benefits too, such as that you should notice a difference in the cleanliness of your surfaces, sinks, basins and taps. With a lower mineral content, you won’t get the white stains on stainless steel that you often find build up in hard water areas over time.