Whether you’ve installed water softeners in Berkshire or that’s on your list of things to do in the coming months, one thing you want to make sure is that you’re not overpaying for your water.

One issue that comes up time and again among the UK’s water companies is the issue of leaking pipes, and how much water is lost as a result. Fixing leaks can be an expensive business though, and often the cost of this is passed on to consumers.

However, Reuters recently reported that three of the UK’s biggest water companies – United Utilities, Thames Water and Severn Trent – all pledged to reduce leakages and improve their services, while keeping the amount charged to customers flat in real terms.

In fact, both Severn Trent and United Utilities have said they will reduce bills for consumers, by five and 10.5 per cent respectively.

United Utilities and Thames Water have both stated their intention to reduce leakage by 15 per cent as well, with Thames Water also aiming to cut pollution incidents by 18 per cent.

Now, Ofwat, the country’s water regulator, will examine all the business plans submitted and deliver its assessment of them in January 2019.

In June, Ofwat stressed that water companies around the UK need to have better plans for dealing with drought, as well as improving water resource management to cut the amount of water they’re taking from the natural environment.

The regulator also highlighted some areas of good practice being introduced by some companies, including the use of satellite imagery and smart meters to help locate water leaks quickly.