We all know that water is important for keeping our bodies healthy, but do you know how much you should be drinking each day and are you managing to hit that target?

An article in the Telegraph recently explored the idea of how much water we should drink each day, and why we need to make sure we stay well hydrated.

The newspaper noted that, according to the NHS guidance, we should be drinking one to two litres per day. That’s between six and eight glasses. However, if you visit a hotter country than the UK, you should be drinking more.

Our bodies lose water throughout the day through breathing, sweating and digestion, which is why we need to constantly top them up with more fluids.

If you fail to drink enough that can make you dehydrated, with symptoms including tiredness, a headache and a dry mouth. And there are other benefits to drinking more water aside from avoiding dehydration, including improving your digestive health and helping with weight loss.

Being well hydrated can also ensure you perform at your best if you’re exercising or undertaking any kind of physical activity.

If one of your issues with drinking more water is that you don’t particularly like the taste, you may find that installing water softeners in Berkshire could help improve the flavour of the water that comes out of your taps.

And a water softener could also improve the flavour of your tea, according to one tea-making expert, who revealed that you can lose some of the flavour of the hot beverage as a result of the calcium found in hard water.