Triflowfrx02 M15 Ultracarb Ceramic Filter


Compatible cartridge for Franke triflowfrx02 / FR9455
The triflowfrx02 filter will fit the following water filter systems: Franke Triflow Franke Trispray Franke Mini Triflow Franke Triflow Trend Franke Little Butler Carron Phoenix Tri-pure System FRXH1 FRXS2 Not compatible with Filterflow FRF03


Compatible cartridge for Franke Triflowfrx02 & FR9455

The three stage Triflowfrx02 ceramic water filter is a reliable and efficient three step ceramic filter providing pure quality drinking water. The first stage of the Triflowfrx02 involves a sterasyl ceramic delivering sub micron filtration. The function of the cartridge is to decrease fine particulate matter and turbidity. The combination of silver integrated within the Triflowfrx02 ceramic structure provides quality bacteriostatic and self-sterilizing elements. The second stage of the Triflowfrx02 involves an inner core of activated carbon block which then eliminates chlorine and a variation of organic compounds. The third stage of the Triflowfrx02 involves the Ion which exchanges resin for lead reducing heavy metal elements. The intricate combination of elements within the Triflowfrx02 cartilage means pure and quality drinking water Is produced, eliminating negative elements and providing you with a cleaner drinking water source. Triflowfrx02 filters do not have to be an expensive luxury, with our reasonable prices and view of the installation as investment, over time the product will prove not only to benefit for your health, but the health of your water appliances and your bank account. The extent to which the Triflowfrx02 looks after your appliances produces a reduction in limescale accumulation, and not only this but the amount of money spent on cleaning products and repairs will be substantially reduced. This is evident almost instantly when using the full range of softener products.

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