Regardless of how strong or weak you like your tea, how much milk you add or when you think the perfect time to remove the teabag is, limescale could be ruining the flavour of your brew.

Good Housekeeping recently noted that failing to descale your kettle means you’re always going to have sub-standard cups of tea.

Speaking to the publication, senior buyer at JING Tea Tom Price said: “Hard water and the build up of limescale both have a significant impact on the taste of tea, owing to the higher concentration of minerals such as calcium and magnesium that build up over time.”

As a result, the flavour and texture of the tea are affected, he added. But what can you do if you live in a hard water area and want to improve the quality of your brews?

One solution could be to install water softeners in Henley to remove some of these minerals from your tap water before it gets into the kettle.

Regularly descaling your kettle is another must – you should check it to see when there is a build up of limescale and clean this out, both from the bottom of the kettle and around the heating element.

You can do this by filling your kettle with a mixture of half white vinegar and half water, and leaving it to soak overnight. Empty it out the following morning and you’ll have removed the scale that builds up.

There are other reasons to keep not only your kettle, but also other appliances, limescale-free. This is because a build up of these minerals can reduce the life of the likes of boilers, dishwashers and washing machines. Installing a water filter in your home could therefore have multiple benefits.