Any sort of business will always want to claw back cash wherever possible in order to keep those profits sky high – but, of course, this can be easier said than done. However, owners of bars, pubs and restaurants might well be missing a trick when it comes to cost savings if they’ve never considered looking into Hertfordshire water filtration systems before.

Writing for Bar Magazine, application engineer at tech firm 3M Oliver Rudman explained that water filtration could actually help save lots of money for those in this particular industry because it can help prevent repairs, reduce equipment downtime and also make food and drink taste better.

Chemicals like chlorine and chloramines are now used to remove impurities from mains water supplies across the UK, but this can leave water tasting unpleasant – which not only affects drinks but food as well.

“An activated-carbon block filter can greatly improve the taste and smell of any drink or food that uses water from the mains supply, while also removing sediment and bacteria. On the other hand, ion-exchange resin filters are the most effective for scale prevention, so they are recommended for hard water areas,” it was observed.

Ordinary homeowners could also benefit from cash savings by investing in water filtration as well. If you have a water filter, there’ll be no need for you to buy bottled water, for example, which can quickly add up if you have a large family.

Tap water is readily available and certainly fine to drink, so if you have water that tastes funny a water filter could help make a real difference to your back pocket.