The trend for bringing the outdoors into our homes with an abundance of houseplants, or biophilic design, has become very popular in the past couple of years.

But while there are many benefits to keeping houseplants, they can have different feeding, watering, and care requirements. Some require high humidity and more watering, while others like direct light and minimal watering. It’s important to research a houseplant’s needs before you commit to it.

Watering your plants is vital, once you know the frequency they need, but what about if you live in a hard water area?

One way to ensure your plants get the care they need is to use ‘pure water’, such as water from dehumidifiers. You can also use the boiled water from the kettle, once it has cooled.

Pure water from a kettle or dehumidifier will allow plant food, fertilisers and nutrients to be absorbed more easily, as they will dissolve in the water, which is then absorbed by the plants, including all the essential nutrients they need.

Pure water can lead to healthier roots and stronger growth as the plant will not need to absorb any additional minerals from the water.

However, over-watering with pure water could remove nutrients from the soil, so pay attention to your plant’s needs. Excess water could remove nutrients from the soil that your plant needs. Make sure you water your plants sparingly as saturating them could lead to root rot in some plants.

The temperature of the water was also important. You obviously do not want to use hot water, but cold water can be harmful to plants too. Ice cold water can cause root shock that will lead to damage and leaves to drop.

It can be a good idea to remove plants from their holders or containers and water them while they are on the draining board, so excess water can drain away.

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