If you’re wondering whether it’s worth fitting water softeners in Chalfont St Peter you might be surprised at how much money this could save you in the long term.

An article for Ideal Home recently claimed that installing water softeners could see you cut up to £350 off your household bills. The news provider cited research by the Water Quality Research Foundation, which highlighted exactly where you could save money.

Firstly, soft water allows your boiler to operate at its maximum efficiency over a simulated 15-year lifespan. Secondly, having soft water in your home could see you save up to 62 per cent on cleaning products, as well as completely removing the need for you to buy descaler and limescale removers.

But that’s not all, a water softener could also save you up to 28 per cent on your fuel bills.

Soft water is also known to give you shinier hair, softer skin and helps products like shampoos, soaps and bubble baths to lather more effectively, meaning you tend to use less.

While people are often aware of these benefits of having soft water, few are aware of just how much money could be saved by installing a water softener in their homes, the publication noted.

If you live in a hard water area and don’t have a water softener in your home, one thing you should make sure you do regularly is clean your shower to prevent damage caused by a build-up of limescale.

These minerals can clog pipes and limescale can also shorten the life of your water heaters. Both additional reasons to consider water softeners for your property.