In the UK, many of us have hard or medium-hard water, and when it comes to keeping your home clean and your appliances in good working order, the limescale build-up that comes with hard water can cause problems.

Limescale can coat kettles, slow down coffee machines, and build up in large appliances like the washing machine and dishwasher. Beaconsfield water softening services have some tips.

1. Get rid of limescale in the dishwasher

Instead of splashing out on branded cleaners, then white vinegar is a simple go-to solution. Fill a large dishwasher-proof cup with vinegar, pop it in the top rack, and run a cycle without any detergent, or dishes of course!

2. Get rid of limescale in the washing machine

Similarly, there are ample products around to clean your washing machine, but white vinegar will do the job as well. Add a cup to the detergent drawer, and run a hot wash cycle. Just don’t wash your clothes at the same time.

3. Get rid of limescale in a kettle

Vinegar will also remove the limescale from your kettle. Rinse out the loose flakes, add a half and half white vinegar and water mixture to the kettle, boil, and leave to stand for 30 minutes. Rinse and boil with clean water then discard contents twice.

4. Get rid of limescale in a coffee machine

Before you get out the vinegar again, check with the machine’s manual or manufacturers website beforehand, in case it will cause any damage.

For a filter machine, half fill the water compartment with white vinegar and add water to get it to the maximum level. Run a brewing cycle, then repeat with plain water twice to rinse.

The simplest way to avoid limescale build-up would be to get a water softener installed from soft water experts in Beaconsfield, so get in touch today.