If you thought that your dishwasher was only good for cleaning your crockery, glassware, cutlery and pans, think again.

An article for Real Homes recently highlighted all the ways in which this appliance can be used to make cleaning your home that little bit easier. Some of the things it can help with might even surprise you.

One of the biggest issues households in the UK face with their appliances and things like shower heads is a buildup of limescale. However, there’s a simple hack that means your dishwasher can take care of this.

The publication recommends popping your shower head (minus any rubber seals) in the dishwasher and adding some vinegar. The best way to do this (and you’ll also clean your dishwasher of limescale at the same time) is to put 250ml of white vinegar in a dishwasher safe container on the top rack.

Pop your disassembled shower head in there too and then set it to go on a full, hot cycle. When the vinegar combines with the hot water, it will be incredibly effective at removing the limescale, as well as other grime and it acts as a deodoriser too. Do this once a week for best results.

Of course, you could reduce the limescale buildup in the first place by fitting water softeners in Berkshire.

The website also noted that you can use your dishwasher to clean everything from kids toys and fake house plants to DIY tools and even makeup brushes. If you’re using your appliance to clean something a little odd, it’s best to run a cleaning cycle with vinegar like the one described above before you start putting plates back in there though.

Getting rid of limescale around your home has a number of benefits. It will make your appliances last for longer for starters. If you can prevent it from building up in your kettle, it will also make your cup of tea or coffee taste nicer.