There’s nothing worse than a boiler breaking down during the winter months – and even as we move into spring that’s no guarantee that we’ve left the coldest of the weather behind us.

If your boiler is making odd noises – knocking and clunking noises are common signs that something’s not quite right – you may be thinking about calling a professional in to give it a service and let you know just how bad the damage is.

Digital Journal recently highlighted some of the most common causes of boiler breakdowns, and a build-up of limescale was among them.

If you live in a hard water area, chances are that you’ll notice limescale build-up in various appliances, including your kettle. While you can’t see what’s going on in your boiler and its pipes, the clunking noises that boilers can make when they’re not operating at their maximum efficiency are often a result of limescale.

When you leave this and make no effort to fix the issue, the internal components of your boiler can get damaged by the minerals, while a thick coating of limescale can affect the water flow and result in steam pressure building up.

Installing water softeners in Beaconsfield, or wherever you live, could make all the difference, not only for your boiler but your other appliances as well.

We recently highlighted the steps you can take to make your dishwasher last longer – another appliance that can suffer if limescale is left to build up unchecked. Regularly cleaning your dishwasher, as well as avoiding the use of strong chemicals, will also help keep it in working order for longer.