Soft water areas in the UK have people with the healthiest-looking hair, with Cumbria coming out on top. 

Europe’s largest hair clinic Elithair looked at the softness of water from different locations around the country. 

They subsequently found that Cumbria, due to the softness of its water, was the best place to wash hair, the News & Star reported

This is because the low concentration of minerals in soft water means your hair will not be left greasy, dry and brittle. These minerals can build-up over time, leaving tresses lacking in lustre, dull, itchy and flaky. states: “While hard water tends to be drying, soft water can leave you with smoother, more manageable hair.”

This comes after a study from University of Sheffield revealed those living in hard water areas are more likely to suffer from dermatitis and scalp problems. This will be due to the high concentration of impurities in the water reacting with the skin and hair. 

To check whether your area has hard water, look out for limescale, such as white streaks on taps and appliances. This shows there is a high level of calcium and magnesium in the water, which combines together to cause unsightly limescale. It can also have a damaging impact on hair. 

Not everyone is lucky enough to live in soft water areas, which is why water softeners in Berkshire could be the ideal solution, helping you to have healthy, glossy hair wherever you live.