If you’re a water purist, then opting to have a filtration system installed in your Hertfordshire home is a much better idea than relying on bottled water. This is even more of an important choice to make in light of the world’s plastic problem, which has become a priority for many people around the world.

This week, for instance, it was announced that Thames Water would be rolling out a new network of free drinking fountains across London, in the aim to reduce the reliance on plastic water bottles. According to Utility Week, the scheme will cost £5 million, which will be used to create hundreds of fountains across London. This follows on from the success of a pilot scheme of 20 fountains, of which just the two in Liverpool Street Station have dispensed eight thousand litres of water in just a month.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said that London needs to reverse its take on drinking fountains to help do it bit to reduce plastic consumption: “There is a real appetite for refilling and I want Londoners to lead the way in topping up on tap water when we’re on the move,” he said.

Thames Water will also be responsible for upkeep – maintenance, repairs, cleaning and generally making sure the fountains are safe for everybody to use.

This new plan comes alongside other schemes, such as Refill London, which looked to 2,000 venues, cafés, shops and more in London to be able to fill up receptacles with free drinking water.