There are always weird and wonderful trends in the world of beauty flying around and one of the latest ones when it comes to haircare appears to be rinsing your hair using mineral water rather than the water that comes out of your tap.

The Guardian reported on the new fad, which was suggested by hairdresser Sam McKnight in an interview with Fantastic Man magazine.

He claimed that using mineral water will wash the hard water residue out of your hair and help you maintain a healthy ph balance on your scalp.

However, Helen Apps of United Utilities, told the newspaper that this might not actually be the best thing to do. She said that she found the suggestion of using mineral water “odd”, because one of the things that makes tap water hard is the amount of minerals contained in it – something you’d also expect to find in bottled mineral water.

She notes that soft water contains fewer minerals and is therefore likely to be better for your hair. And there are other advantages too.

“Soft water requires less shampoo and more water to rinse,” Ms Apps explained.

It seems that a better solution to your haircare worries would be to install water softeners in High Wycombe and other areas in the UK where you find hard water. Not only will it be kinder to your hair and skin, but it will also save you spending a considerable amount on bottled water, not to mention reduce the waste from all those bottles.

Having soft water can also be good for the environment in other ways, in that you need to use less soap and detergent thereby sending less chemicals into the water supply.