The minerals found in hard water (calcium and magnesium) cause limescale build up, which creates a hard scale around your bathroom and home generally – have you ever noticed the chalky streaks on your shower screens, the scum found in your bath and sinks, ever noticed the marks on your work surfaces and taps that take some elbow grease to remove, plus the amount of product you need to remove them?  What about your shower head – how often do you need to unclog that due to the poor water flow?

By installing a water softener in your home, not only can it help remove the limescale build up that causes all of these issues, it can also remove the odours found in your water and being low maintenance and compact you can install your softener in the smallest of spaces.

A water softener in your home will help keep your bathroom looking like new and limescale free, no more scrubbing at your shower screens, free flowing water from your taps and shower heads and the perfect, softest water for the biggest bubble baths and the softest skin.

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