If you haven’t yet installed water softeners in High Wycombe because you’re not sure of the benefits they bring, you may want to consider the effect that limescale can have on your morning cup of tea or coffee.


A build-up of limescale in your kettle or coffee machine can make your morning brew taste bitter, Capresso Cleaning Solutions recently revealed.


The organisation also noted that if limescale builds up too much it means that it will also take longer to brew your tea or coffee.


While cleaning and descaling your kettle and coffee machine every few months is advisable, it would probably be a lot better and easier if you reduced the scale build up in the first place. A water softener will do exactly that by removing some of the minerals that lead to limescale.


When you’re taking care of this element of your morning coffee ritual, don’t forget that you also need to regularly clean your coffee grinder, otherwise the coffee residue and oil that collects in this machine can also lead to a bitter-tasting brew. Give your grinder a thorough clean once a month to prevent any issues.


If you’re planning to have a water softener fitted at your home then you’ll want to make sure you remove any limescale that’s already collected to ensure you get the maximum benefit.


To get rid of the stubborn limescale residue on shower screens and baths, get hold of some eucalyptus solution, which was recently named by one woman as something of a miracle cleaning product for removing that residue that’s often difficult to shift.