Genus MD 600


The 600 series has been designed to make soft water affordable and to cope with medium to large sized households.

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The 600 series has been designed to make soft water affordable.

The MD 600 has been designed to cope with medium to large size households.

The MD 600 has 45% greater capacity than the MD 400 but  still has an efficient design and state of the art metered control valve that adjusts its regeneration program according to water usage.  It will provide optimum performance while using a minimum amount of salt.

The MD 600 provides the highest level of efficiency producing more softened water for every kilo of salt used than many other softeners.

This results in your water being softened in an efficient and economical way.

The 600 series uses the Fleck control valve which is universally acknowledged as the most reliable and easy to use valve currently available.

CA 500/510 – 8 Person Model

  • 15 litre meter control model – up to 8 people household (2727 litres at 21° Clark between regenerations).
  • Low salt usage – 2.1kg per regeneration.
  • 10 year full parts and labour guarantee.*
  • Quality battery powered or electric control valve.
  • Solid robust construction with valve hood.
  • Height: 550mm (21 5/8”)

    Width: 277mm (10 7/8”)

    Depth: 476mm (18 3/4”)


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